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Ashes… Alas

(Release date: October 31st 2015)


Recorded between 2004 and 2015, this reflective collection is somewhat darker in tone than previous Lonesome Organist releases. Focusing on voice and one instrument at a time, the album is yet interlaced with ambitious orchestrations. Longtime followers will hear familiar accordion, vibraphone, percussion, speed-up-guitar but also added violin, resonator guitar and banjo.

“ Throughout my musical endeavors I have thoroughly enjoyed collaboration and working in a vast set of styles, sounds and traditions. It is very easy for me to blend into other peoples’ ideas and aesthetics. Yet I started The Lonesome Organist One Man Band in 1996 in order to free myself from the confines of collaboration and to present a fun show with my own distilled vision. The one man band format proved a novel and effective way to express what I wanted to at any given time. I was able to release 3 acclaimed albums on Thrill Jockey Records as well as tour internationally.

My current effort is a little less like a one man band. It takes a more singer songwriter-like approach to fulfilling the same goal.

With the years I have realized that there are lots of ways to skin a cat and that in order to grow you sometimes need to shed your own skin. That – while remaining true to myself – is what I have tried to do with this new album. I do so hope you listen to and enjoy Ashes… Alas.

(Release date: October 31st 2015)

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